This timely, confidential and free service is provided 24/7 by professional counsellors to all young people aged 5 to 20. Since 1991, more than 1,685,000 youths have benefited directly from our help!

24 years of service because children should never feel alone.


Tel-jeunes has been a key resource for young people in Québec since 1991. The service provides a team of professional counsellors available around the clock by telephone or online to listen, provide support and offer information on any topic of concern.

The Tel-jeunes approach is based on the principle of empowerment. The counsellors get the young people to participate in finding their own solutions. Youngsters are referred to our bank of professional resources as required.

What is Tel-jeunes?

Tel-jeunes provides access to professional counsellors:

  • Available 24/7
  • By telephone or online
  • For all youth aged 5 to 20 in Québec

Tel-jeunes also provides counsellors and educators for schools who foster peer support, and teach young people about sexuality and bullying prevention.

What do young people talk about?

  • Their distress over being a victim of violence, bullying or harassment
  • Their anxiety or feelings of isolation
  • Their worries over the changes that puberty brings
  • Their heartaches and crushes
  • Their suicidal thoughts or their fear of seeing a friend commit suicide


Who uses Tel-jeunes ?

  • Girls – 72 %
  • Boys – 28 %
  • Average age: 16

In the last year, 39 917 young people contacted Tel-jeunes :

  • 19 602 by phone
  •  5 954 by email
  •  2 136 took part in support forums on the Web site
  •     304 used the ch@t service on the website 
  • 364 702  text message